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PE 628 Online Class
Run and Swim for Fitness  
Course Description:

This course will develop cardiovascular conditioning and fitness through running and swimming.  Since both activities will usually be done each session, the transition skills will also be acquired.  This is a triathlon lead-up course. 

Instructors Names:
Mike Wagenbach
Email the Instructor:
Course Management System:
Other - this class uses the WWW and email to communicate.
Required Meetings:
No required meetings.

Fall, Spring (check online listings for specific dates, and section numbers).

Spring 2008, section #7912, begins Feb. 4 and ends June 2, 2008.

Link to Virtual Classroom:
(Requires login id and password which instructor will send to you once you complete the Welcome form below)


No required text. You will utilize the World Wide Web.

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Special Directions:

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November 12, 2007