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Guidelines for Writing Campus Webpages

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  1. General Procedures for Writing Web Pages
  2. Guidelines for Department Web Pages
  3. Guidelines for Personal Web Pages
  4. Recommendations

General Procedures for Writing Web Pages for the LATTC Web Site

  1. Inform your activity supervisor of your desire and get approval.
  2. Gather the content for the web pages.
  3. Get trained in writing WWW pages (FrontPage, Composer, Dream Weaver or equivalent)
  4. Get an id/password to the area of the LATTC Web Site for which you want to write web pages.  Forms available in the Staff Development Lab, from a Staff Development Officer or in A-108.
  5. Be sure to follow the district policy and procedures for use of the LAN.
  6. Have the campus logo and link in the top left corner of every page.
  7. Use “alt” html tags to insert text in place of graphics.
  8. Follow web accessibility guidelines.
  9. Abide by all copyright laws pertaining to educational web site.
  10. Test all links in the web pages to make sure they load correctly in both Netscape and Internet Explorer.
  11. Keep your web pages updated.  Outdated material reflects poorly on the college and upon you.
  12. Attempt to keep graphics smaller than 100k in size.  When you use larger pictures, please give a warning by indicating the size.  Example: “Clicking on this link will load a picture 500k in size.”  When possible provide a thumbnail image that provides a link to a larger image that is so labeled.
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Guidelines for Department Web Pages

  1. Follow all general procedures for writing web pages listed above.
  2. List yourself as the contact person for the department web page so others know who to contact.
  3. Check for required “minimum web page content”.
  4. Contact the Webmaster (webmaster@trade.laccd.edu) informing of the finished product.  The Webmaster will link to your page from appropriate higher-level official pages after reviewing them and testing all links.
  5. Fix any problems or respond to Webmaster suggestions.  Current Webmaster is Joe Messinger (messinjc@trade.laccd.edu)
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Guidelines for Personal Web Pages

  1. Follow all general procedures for writing web pages listed above.
  2. Check for “minimum web page content”.
  3. When you have finished your web pages, notify by email the Webmaster so they can be reviewed.
  4. Contact the web author of your department homepage and request a link to your personal web pages.
  5. Each web page on the LATTC web site is acknowledged as a creative product.  These may, therefore, contain an explicit copyright notice.  Graphics or other web page elements on any page associated with the campus web site must not be copied and used without permission of the creator.
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  1. Include the URL at the bottom of your page to provide a way of finding your page again if someone prints it but does not print the site address automatically.
  2. Respond promptly to questions and requests for corrections from users.
  3. Check your links frequently and replace or remove links that no longer work.
  4. Avoid use of blinking text, gratuitous animations, annoying backgrounds and colors that are difficult to read.  Blinking text can cause epileptic seizures in some users who are susceptible and accessibility issues have banned their use.
  5. Use frames sparingly.  Frames make it difficult to bookmark information and print pages.
  6. Avoid the “under construction” phrase and graphics whenever possible.
  7. Select a sans-serif font for your body type. Use a font tag such as <font face="Aerial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"> These are easier to read on the screen when enlarged by screen readers.
  8. Specify not only the font face but also the color of both the font and background using web safe 6-digit hexadecimal numbers.
  9. Since most people are conditioned to expect that blue underlined type will be a link to another page or site, it is best to use this convention on your site to avoid confusion.

These guidelines were created by the LATTC World Wide Web Committee and reviewed and approved by the LATTC Academic Senate and Staff Development committees March 2002.  Current Webmaster is Joe Messinger (messinjc@trade.laccd.edu), phone number 213-744-9457.

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